Interest Groups

Venture Portland’s Interest Groups are gatherings of key individuals who, by virtue of their position or expertise play a unique role in the health of Portland’s neighborhood business districts. Venture Portland convenes these exclusive Interest Groups to spark strategy, collaboration, learning, and leadership skills.

Presidents Council

The Presidents Council is an exclusive gathering of business district Presidents. Join us for breakfast to network, learn from each other, share experiences with peers, workshop your successes and challenges, strengthen your leadership skills and plot the future of your district and Portland’s economy.

Staffer Lunch

The Staffer Lunch is a quarterly gathering of the staff who work for neighborhood business districts. Come share ideas, learn from peers and strategize about working with diverse businesses, volunteers and boards.

Treasurers Roundtable

The Treasurers Roundtable is an exclusive biannual gathering of business district Treasurers. Join us for lunch to network, share knowledge and strengthen your leadership skills and financial systems.

Interested in joining an interest group? Contact Venture Portland today.