Presidents Council

President: A person in high position or of great influence. See also: Bigwig, Change Agent, Head Honcho, Heavy Hitter, Visionary, El Jefe, Ambassador, Top Dog, CEO, Commander in Chief

As business district Presidents, you’re a driving economic force and wield substantial political clout in our great city. But with great power comes great responsibility. We want to celebrate your collective power and help you navigate the often unpredictable waters that come with being a business district President!

The Presidents Council is an exclusive gathering just for business district Presidents. Join us for lunch to network, learn from each other, share experiences with peers, workshop your successes and challenges, strengthen your leadership skills and plot the future of your district and Portland’s economy. Lunch is on us.

  • September 25
    Leadership as Risk Management
    Addressing social dynamics and inappropriate behavior on boards
  • November 14
    Constructive Communication
    Facilitating community engagement on advocacy issues
  • February 13
    The Secret of My Succession
    Planning for smooth leadership transitions
  • April 2
    So Happy Together
    Boosting board morale and making meetings fun

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