Staffer Lunch

Staffer: A person who has many skills and can do many jobs. See also: Leader, Maestro, Facilitator, Point Person, Champion, Catalyst, Master Networker, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, Visionary, Juggler, Jack or Jill Of All Trades

As a staffer, you know that the business of Portland is about more than just business. It’s about people, neighborhoods and culture. You’ve put your heart and soul into transforming the business districts that bind our city together. It’s a labor of love – and most of the time you go it alone.

The Staffer Lunch is a quarterly gathering of the staff who work for neighborhood business districts. Join us to network, share ideas with and learn from peers, strategize and navigate working with a diverse set of businesses and boards of directors.

  • September 26
    Leadership as Risk Management
    Addressing good, bad and awkward board behavior
  • November 7
    Many Hands Make Light Work
    Setting up strategic and successful committees
  • February 6
    So Much to Do, So Little Time
    Managing time efficiently and avoiding burnout
  • May 14
    Managing Up
    Bridging the gap between you, your board and your district

Staffer Lunches are held at Venture Portland (1125 SE Madison, Suite 112) from 12-1:30pm. Attendance is free and lunch is provided.

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