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Business districts are encouraged to join or renew at the membership level that best matches the current stage of the business district’s evolution. The definitions below help business districts strategically assess their current association development, plan for future growth and choose their membership level. Through grants, training and technical assistance, advocacy and promotion, Venture Portland strengthens member business districts; between 2015 and 2016 membership increased 16% and revenue increased 23% across business districts city wide and all indications point to additional increases in the next year.

2019 Membership Levels

Sustaining – $1,500.00*

  • Includes free entrance for 4 ($120 value) to Annual Meeting and designation on member list.


Business District:

Large and/or Established – $1,250.00*

  • Large – Business district has consistent membership/support and stable funding. Total annual business district revenue is $25,000** or more.
  • Established – Business district is in 6th year or longer of operations and/or has established a long track record of successful services and events.
Business District:

Medium and/or Growing – $850.00*

  • Medium – Business district is experiencing significant membership/support growth. Total annual business district revenue is $5,000 to $24,999**.
  • Growing – Business district is in 3rd to 5th year of operations and is still investing in new programs, services and benefits.
Business District:

Small and/or Year 2+ – $400.00*

  • Small – Business district is just beginning to build membership/support. Total annual business district revenue is less than $5,000**.
  • Year 2+ – Business district is in the second full year of operations following incorporation and/or is just beginning to provide services.
Business District:

Year 1 (first full year following incorporation) – $300.00*


Business District:

NEW | Non-Grants Eligible

Receive all member benefits except ability to apply for grants.

Business District:

While Venture Portland hopes business associations increase their membership level as the district evolves, we understand changes to association status and district development may affect level choice.

All business districts are encouraged to make additional contributions to fund Venture Portland’s ongoing programming and advocacy efforts.

– fund ‘Venture Out’ e-newsletter for one month
– fund an Interest Group series
– fund in-house facilitation for business district strategic planning
– fund a capacity building training mini-series
– fund one business district grant

*3% electronic payment processing fee charged for online membership payment
**Total business district revenue should reflect all sources of funding, including, but not limited to: grants, membership dues, sponsors, vendors, events and in-kind contributions.