Destination Investment Grants

Destination Investment Grants, distributed once a year, provide strategic financial support for significant physical improvements in business districts that enhance the customer/visitor experience, reinforce the district’s identity and promote the district as a destination. Districts can apply for one-time-only funding in each of six key Categories of medium-scale, publicly accessible physical improvements. Once a Destination Investment project has been completed, business districts are eligible to apply for a project in a different Destination Investment Category.

Applicants may apply* for $5,000-$10,000** for a project that fits into one of the six Destination Investment Categories. All projects must be publicly accessible (in the public right-of-way or on private property). The business district is responsible for long term maintenance of all physical improvements and should have a plan for self-sustainability before applying.

  • Accessibility – Benches, bike racks, pocket parks, plazas, cross walks, stop signs, traffic lights, rapid flash beacons
  • Greenery – Street trees, planters, flower baskets, green walls, pocket parks
  • Public Art – Sculptures, murals, cultural/historical markers
  • Seasonal Decorations – Holiday, Halloween, winter lighting, flower baskets
  • Signage – Banners (semi-permanent only; temporary cross-street banners are ineligible), wayfinding, kiosks, point-of-entry, cultural/historical markers
  • Trash Cans – District is responsible for funding frequent, long term garbage collection

Destination Investment Grant Applications, Guidelines and Resources