Economic Development Grants

Vibrant and stable business districts that have demonstrated successful benchmark achievement have the ability to provide increased economic value in the form of creating or retaining jobs, growing neighborhood business revenue and creating new businesses. Economic Development grants, distributed once a year, help business districts strengthen the economic competitiveness of their community by meaningfully addressing neighborhood economic development.

These large annual grants (up to $10,000/each) are available in the Spring/Summer cycle.  Grant funds must be matched with private investment (cash).  Eligible projects must show quantifiable results of economic development during the grant cycle (jobs/businesses created or retained, neighborhood business revenue growth, etc.). Business districts may not apply for both a Benchmark grant and an Economic Development grant in the same cycle.

Economic Development Grant Resources

Benchmark Achievement and Economic Development

Business districts should assess their readiness to be able to accomplish economic development.  Business districts that have demonstrated benchmark success are in the best position to build on their track record and are more likely to have strong programs and assets in place to leverage economic development activities. Benchmark achievement is one of Venture Portland’s long-term strategic priorities, with a goal of 2 benchmarks achieved by each neighborhood business district by 6/30/20. Use the Benchmarking Success Tool (PDF Fillable Form) to identify benchmark progress and complete the appropriate form(s) below with your Economic Development Grant application.