Treasurers Roundtable

Treasurer: a person elected to look after the funds of a society, company, city or governing body

See also: Trustee, Steward, Financial Maven, Numbers Wizard, Exchequer, Bookkeeper, Check-writer, Storyteller

As business district Treasurers, you wield a great deal of power. Each year you collectively manage more than $1 million in business district financial investment which drives Portland’s economy. You’re in charge of fiscal controls, financial oversight, paying the bills, tracking revenue and telling your district’s story through budgets, investments and numbers. We want to help you!

The Treasurers Roundtable is an exclusive biannual gathering just for business district Treasurers. Join us for lunch to network, learn from each other, share experiences with peers and strengthen your leadership skills and financial systems. Lunch is on us.

  • October 24
    Leadership as Risk Management
    Using budgets to help lead your organization

The Treasurers Interest Group meets twice per year at Venture Portland (1125 SE Madison, Suite 112) from 12-1:30pm. Attendance is free and lunch is provided.

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