Board Roles and Responsibilities

As a board member, you have fiduciary (legal) responsibility for everything that your business district organization does. All authority in your board is delegated authority. That means that even if the board delegates responsibility to the President, Treasurer, Staffer or someone else, the board still has ultimate responsibility.

As a board member you are legally required to:

  1. Actively participate
  2. Serve the organization, not your, your business’s or your employer’s self-interest
  3. Act with duty, care and prudence to the organization
  4. Know and follow your bylaws, policies and other governing documents
  5. Review the organization’s financial statements and ensure that finances are handled appropriately
  6. Keep the organization’s confidences
  7. Support the majority decisions of your Board, even if you disagree
  8. Only act as the organization’s spokesperson when authorized to do so
  9. Ensure the board receives proper advice before voting, including seeking more information and/or consulting outside experts when needed


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