New COVID-19 Funding Opportunities and Resources for Businesses and Districts

In a continued effort to support small businesses and business district associations through this crisis, we are excited to announce a two new grant opportunities for neighborhood businesses and business districts affected by COVID-19. We have also developed some new resources to help your members when engaging with your lenders and/or landlords.


Venture Portland District Resilience Grants ($3000) – one-time only funding to be used for district staffer compensation (if applicable) or district marketing and/or business support. To disburse the funds as quickly as possible, the application process has been simplified and there is no required match.

Prosper Portland Small Business Relief Grants ($2000-$10000) – The Portland Small Business Relief Fund will provide grants and no interest loans to support Portland small businesses experiencing hardships related to COVID-19.


With April 1st looming and lots of uncertainty of businesses being able to make rent payments, businesses and districts should be engaging with property owners and landlords to see what their options are. To help we have created a District Letter to Landlords Template And Commercial Tenant Letter to Landlords Template.