SE Belmont Street had the first trolley line on Portland’s east side in 1888 and the first bike corrals in 2008. Today the business district includes Belmont, Stark and Morrison Streets and features several mixed use developments including Zupan’s Market (3301 SE Belmont St) in the historic Belmont Dairy Building.

Did You Know?

    • Belmont Station (4500 SE Stark St) offers more than 1,200 different types of beer and has been Portland's premiere destination for craft beer since 1997.
    • Noun (3300 SE Belmont St) is equal parts curiosity shop, art gallery and modern decor boutique specializing in vintage furniture and locally produced jewelry, among other unique items.
    • Lone Fir Cemetery (SE Stark St and 26th Ave) is Portland’s oldest existing cemetery.  It’s ranked National Geographic’s No. 9 ‘must-see’ cemetery in the world for its historic past, eerie tributes and forested canopy.
    • Famous for their DIY pancakes, Slappy Cakes (4246 SE Belmont St) was named one of 'America's Top 10 Destinations' by Food Network. There are now locations in Maui, Japan, Philippines and Singapore.

Signature Annual Events

    • Belmont Street Fair (September)
    • Trinkets & Treats (October)