Central Eastside Industrial

The Central Eastside Industrial District contains 1,122 businesses and more than 17,000 employees. The district has 50 businesses that have operated for more than 50 years, including the family-owned Wentworth Chevrolet (107 SE Grand Ave) which opened in 1903. The Portland streetcar and MAX Orange Line runs through the district (Martin Luther King Blvd and Grand Ave; Tilikum Bridge).

Did You Know?

    • Hidden treasures await at City Liquidators (823 SE 3rd Ave) massive showroom, which is the size of 7 football fields.
    • Central Eastside makers concoct some of Portland's most delicious drinkables including Coava Coffee (1300 SE Grand Ave), House Spirits (65 SE Washington St), which has the largest still west of the Mississippi and Modern Times Beer (630 SE Belmont St).
    • Founded in 1957, family-owned School Specialty Co. of Oregon, Inc (1035 SE 3rd Ave) is one of the country’s largest pom-pom manufacturers.
    • Cargo (81 SE Yamhill St) imports furniture, architectural pieces, textiles, ephemera, jewelry and party goods from across the globe.

Signature Annual Events

    • Night Market (varies)
    • Bowling Tournament