Events Hub Hourly Services

The following are available for purchase on an individual basis, for the following rates: Venture Portland Member Districts: $60/hour, Non Venture Portland Districts: $70/hour


When you already have your event planned, sometimes all you need is help getting the word out. That is why we offer a specific service that focuses on marketing and promotion. Together, we find a cost-efficient campaign that looks at the resources in your district and local outlets throughout the City. After the initial strategy meeting, we will compile analytical data throughout the promotion that will provide valuable insights for a post-event recap.

Examples of marketing offerings:

  • Strategizing social media campaigns
  • Finding affordable print/TV advertisements
  • Preparing e-mail blasts to send out
  • Designing flyers and mailers
  • Creating graphics and other marketing materials


While you might have planned for every obstacle, there is always something that comes up when it’s showtime. Our operations support means that we can act as on-site managers, helping execute your vision and put out any fires. Likewise, when it comes to supervising volunteers, we can step in to help everything run smoothly. Having a trusted member of our team there to problem-solve any day-of operations will not only streamline your event, but hopefully allow you more time to enjoy the magic you’ve created.

Examples of operations offerings:

  • Managing/assisting an event
  • Supervising vendors or volunteers
  • Acting as tech support
  • Helping set up/tear down

Partners and Sponsors:

Need help finding a collaborator to support your vision? It can be a challenge to find the right organizations to partner with, which is why we can help. Through this service, we will not only come up with a strategic approach to partners and sponsors, but help you create appealing offers that get them interested in collaborating. After the event, we will provide a recap presentation that will highlight your event and impress everyone involved.

Examples of what we can do:

  • Helping create a sponsorship package
  • Strategizing how to approach partners/sponsors
  • Providing an event recap presentation
  • Sharing our connections and resources

Gear, Supplies, and More:

You need tables and chairs, or maybe a certain type of entertainer, or even an event photographer – whatever you might be missing, we can help you get it. With this service, we will find materials and resources that fit your budget so you can focus your time on other tasks. We will have an initial brainstorming session so we can figure out what is already in our possession and what still needs to be acquired. From there, we will tackle the nitty-gritty work of hunting down the best deal and ironing out the logistics.

Examples of what we can get:

  • Rentals (tables, chairs, tents)
  • Decorations
  • Lighting
  • Power generators
  • Performers and entertainment
  • Event photographer
  • ASL and other language interpreters

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