District Identity/Place-making

No two business districts are alike. Each district’s unique characteristics help define its identity and competitive edge. Place-making activities clarify district boundaries, invite and orient visitors, strengthen neighborhood pride and reinforce the district’s brand. Success may be measured by improved recognition of district assets, consistent design throughout the district, new destination businesses and jobs, and decreased vacancy rates.

Place-making projects leverage the unique strengths of the district to drive traffic, better serve residents and customers, increase safety, walkability and livability. District Identity project examples include branding; banners and signage; street furniture like trash cans, benches, and planters; public art; public spaces like pocket parks, plazas, or other green spaces; and other activities and events that appropriately define the district.


With a Venture Portland District Identity/Place-making Benchmark grant, Historic Mississippi Ave Business Association built a district wayfinding kiosk that utilizes their district map.