Enjoy a Cup of Joe on National Coffee Day at These Portland Coffee Shops

Today, September 29, is National Coffee Day, but it is just business as usual for Portlanders, who have taken pride in their locally roasted and brewed coffee for decades. In fact, Portland was recently named Best Coffee City in America. That comes as no surprise.  Portland’s many independent coffee shops are community hubs where you can sip a delicious cup of joe, meet neighbors, or just sit and watch the rain fall. Here are just a few spots where you can celebrate and caffeinate.

  • Alberta: Get a coffee experience from down under at Proud Mary, which was founded by husband and wife Nolan and Shari Hirte in 2009 in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Beaumont: A stroopwafel is the perfect treat to accompany your coffee and Prince Coffee has been churning them out since 2016.
  • Foster: Carnelian Coffee is a must-stop for rock hounds, the geologically curious, or anyone just wanting a deliciously-crafted caffeinated beverage. A fall drink menu and resumed indoor seating are coming soon.
  • Gateway: ‘Tis the season to drive into Perfect Cup Espresso for a full line-up of holiday drinks from peppermint bark to pumpkin cold brew with pumpkin foam. Cuddle up in Jet Black Coffee Company’s spacious outside seating area with good conversation and coffee. Try their signature “Sweater Weather” pumpkin latte or for the Lavender lovers, try their “Foggy Notion.”
  • Hawthorne: It doesn’t get more unique than Tov Coffee, an Egyptian coffee shop housed in a double-decker bus. Try a cardamom latte, rosewater mocha, and sweet and bracing Egyptian-style coffee.
  • Lents: Sit back, sip, and relax to the always rotating vinyl selection at Refugee Coffee. Enjoy fresh bread and pastries with your coffee at Bella’s Italian Bakery.
  • Lloyd: The locally-owned City Coffee keeps workers at Lloyd Tower caffeinated all day long. 
  • Midway: Come for the coffee, stay for the home-cooked food, baked goods, and friendly vibes—Jenni’s Sacred Grounds is your neighborhood coffee shop and community hub.
  • Montavilla: For pie with a side of politics, check out Bipartisan Cafe, a Montavilla meeting place since 2004.
  • Pearl District: For a Moroccan twist on your favorite coffee drinks, try Ovation Coffee and Tea, where you can order via text for ultimate convenience.
  • St. Johns: Go off the beaten path and discover Daydreamer Coffee, which features house-made Nutella and an anti-racist library. Rev up your engine at Two Stroke Coffee, a motorcycle-themed coffee shop that recently launched their own roasted coffee brand.

This list is non-exhaustive so there are plenty of other places to enjoy a good cup of joe. What is your favorite spot? Show us on Instagram and Facebook.