Hispanic Heritage Month Continues Through 10/15 Celebrate with These Businesses

National Hispanic Heritage Month occurs September 15-October 15, and honors the cultures, contributions, and traditions of people from Central and South American countries. In Portland, Hispanic and Latinx influences can be seen in neighborhood business districts citywide so this week we are highlighting the Hispanic and Latinx-owned businesses that make Portland a thriving city. Here are just a few of the small shops that are doing great things in our City:

  • Alberta: Blind Insect Gallery is a community exhibition space focusing on the artwork of multicultural artists and creatives who don’t otherwise have access to show their work in the mainstream. In addition to a steady inventory of artwork and specialty items, Blind Insect produces monthly feature exhibitions of artists from around the globe, as part of Last Thursday, Art Walk.
  • Central Eastside: Enjoy performances that showcase the best of local and international Latinx playwrights, musicians, dancers, and actors at Milagro Theatre.
  • Foster: You can taste your way across Latin America at the Portland Mercado! In addition to the 18 businesses serving up food and drink from Latin America, the public market also hosts art and cultural events to celebrate Latinx history and heritage. Well known for its brunch, Bar Carlo also serves up margaritas, tacos, and more in the evenings. With expansive outdoor seating, it’s a great place to soak in the Foster vibes.
  • Historic Parkrose: El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant has been a staple of the Parkrose community and is now serving brunch every Sunday in addition to their daily offerings of authentic, delicious Mexican food!
  • Kerns: Serving dishes inspired by the Andes region of South America, Epif restaurant offers traditionally meat-centric South American dishes but 100% vegan (with many gluten free, nut free, soy free, and sugar free options)! They also boast the largest Pisco selection in Portland alongside many other amazing cocktails.
  • Lents: If you are craving authentic and affordable Mexican food, stop by El Pato Feliz Jr. and let their talented cooks handle your lunch plans.
  • Lloyd: For a quick and delicious breakfast, Xocalo PDX serves coffee and pastries, breakfast burritos, tortas, quesadillas, and tacos with your choice of meat and fresh salsa.
  • Midway: M&M Tire Shop offers quality, full service tire repair, sales and maintenance. Stop in and you’ll find the best brands available and amazing service.
  • Montavilla: Hungry Heart is a warm, friendly, community-minded bakery and coffee shop known for their cupcakes.
  • Old Town: Orox Leather Co. is a fourth-generation, family-owned business that produces handcrafted, high quality leather belts, bags, and accessories.
  • St. Johns: Tienda Y Panaderia Santa Cruz brings Mexican sweet bread to Portland, as well as a meat market and full restaurant specializing in authentic Mexican flavors and imported goods. Don’t forget about their amazing bakery with cakes and flan!
  • Williams District: Tucked away between two buildings you will find Quesabrosa, a Mexican food cart that has had a long history in the Williams District. Another favorite is Arelis PDX, a wonderful Mexican food cart in the Cartside Pod known for their large burritos. 

This list is only a snapshot of the great Hispanic and Latinx offerings in Portland. What are your favorite Hispanic or Latinx-owned businesses? Show us on Facebook and Instagram. Check out the Portland Mercatus Business Directory for a more comprehensive list of Hispanic and Latinx-owned businesses.