Meet CII Director Nana Hoerth

Nana started at Venture Portland in the Fall of 2021 as the District Manager for the Gateway District. Quickly recognizing her hard work, creativity and dedication, Venture Portland promoted Nana to her new role as Catalytic Investment Initiative(CII) Director.

As the Gateway District Manager, Nana loved connecting and building relationships with the business owners and community leaders within the district. Nana believes that local business owners are the true heartbeat of each community and district.

As Catalytic Investment Initiative(CII) Director, Nana wants to continue that communication and connect with district and community leaders to shape a unified, adaptive, and cultured community where local businesses and residents thrive. With the variety of Business District Associations in Portland, Nana is excited to get to know the history and nuances that each have to offer. While visiting the Districts, Nana satisfies her love of Chai tea by having a cup at the local coffee shops while engaging with district leaders and helping to bring to life their passion and vision for their communities.

As a mother, Nana is a passionate advocate for children’s safety and providing recourse to families who have experienced trauma. On a personal note Nana, loves many kinds of animals. At home she has a large and lovable Mastiff and plans to adopt a cat soon. A bucket list item for Nana is that she would love to be in a safe enclosure with a Siberian Tiger and also sky dive one day.

You might find Nana on any given day in your community wearing African print and a huge smile!