Support Women-Owned Businesses on International Women’s Day

Happy (official) International Women’s Day! With so many incredible women-owned businesses throughout Portland, we wanted to pick up where we left off last week and continue to highlight even more of them in this week’s newsletter. We encourage you to recognize the accomplishments of the women in your life and to support the women-led businesses and organizations below.

  • Beaumont: At Outshine Beauty, Jackie is passionate about your SKIN! She prides herself in working very closely with each individual client to custom create a skincare protocol and a homecare regimen that is effective, simple, and results-driven! Be sure to also check out Breeze & Branch, “Your Neighborhood Home Decor & More Store,” featuring local artists and makers.
  • Central Eastside: Coy & Co., Portland’s first sustainably certified florist is located in the 811 shops off E. Burnside. Queer-owned and operated by Lynsea Coy, Coy & Co. opened its doors in 2018 and continues to thrive.
  • Foster: By all definitions, Larkspur Portland is a plant shop. But they are so much more! This women-owned business has an amazing selection of house plants, yes, but they also teach classes, sell art and home decor, and offer horticulture therapy. 
  • Gateway: Muug (like moo with a “g” at the end) is operated by Mary, who aspires to create soft, modern, and fun(ctional) pottery to elevate your everyday. Be sure to check out Gateway’s April tour at Muug on Saturday, 4/15 from 10-12pm. More info to come! 
  • Hawthorne: Upper Left Roasters first took root in the summer of 2015. Owned by Katherine Harris, a Portland native, the team focuses on putting people first by supporting and celebrating community through coffee.
  • Historic Parkrose: There are so many wonderful women-owned businesses in this District!  Color Box is a women-owned full-service salon. Starting as a food cart in 2012, Fork and Spoon, an island-style Filipino restaurant, found their brick-and-mortar home in Parkrose in 2018. 
  • LentsHeather’s Treasure Fix, a home-based business, was started as an idea to provide alternative options for common household goods that are typically made from plastic or are single-use products. The Owner, Heather makes a variety of handmade reusable products that are eco-friendly and also full of color and style.
  • Lloyd: Did you know that Lloyd Center is now primarily comprised of independent businesses using a new “reimaging community” concept? Way of Being is a low-waste shop in the mall that sells goods for your sustainable lifestyle and home. 
  • Midway: Phin Caphe & Boba serves up smooth, delicious Vietnamese coffee in a variety of styles, from their popular purple Ube to blended coconut cream. Owner Ann opened Phin in 2022 to share an authentic Vietnamese-style café with Portland.
  • Montavilla: Sara Symanski of Threshold Brewing makes female brewers proud with her craft IPAs, farmhouse, and sour beers. This year she was a participant in SheBrew PDX!
  • Old TownThe Society Hotel is located on a prominent corner in an old, reclaimed building, but this isn’t your typical hotel stay. Jessie Burke, Partner and CEO, strives to create social spaces that encourage adventurous souls to convene, connect, and collaborate.
  • St. Johns: With more than 50% of businesses in the District being women-owned, there is no shortage of excellent spots in St. Johns. A couple to mention are: Novedades PradoShop Lyko, Gather Resale, and the Groovy Floret.
  • Williams District: Reclamation and Modern Macrame, both women-owned and operated businesses, have been staples for the Williams District for years. Sadly, they are closing their doors but be sure to get out and support these amazing businesses before their next venture!

This list is non-exhaustive. Be sure to support the women-owned businesses in your District and beyond. Show us how you’re celebrating Women’s History Month on Instagram and Facebook.