Venture Portland means business.  Since 1986 Venture Portland has invested in the smart, strategic growth of Portland’s unique neighborhood business districts.  These dynamic districts, which together make up a majority of the city’s businesses and nearly half of its jobs, play a vital role in Portland’s economic prosperity and collectively represent local, regional, national and international demand for goods and services.

By the Numbers

The business of Portland is about more than business.  It’s about people, neighborhoods and culture.  It’s about a vision for our city that business owners, residents and government officials share.  It’s about risk and reward.  Building capacity to build the city.  Growing the economy to grow prosperity.  And connecting capital, creativity and community.  It’s about growing business and connecting neighborhoods.

Through grants, trainings and technical assistance Venture Portland builds the capacity of and connections between Portland’s neighborhood business districts.

  • Portland’s neighborhood business districts include approximately 23,600 businesses and nearly 308,000 jobs.
  • Each year Venture Portland provides more than 3,000 hours of training and technical assistance to business district leaders. Learn More ››
  • Since 1995 Venture Portland’s grants provided $1.6 million to fund more than 500 business district projects that leveraged an additional $5 million in private business district investment. Learn More ››
  • Venture Portland’s leadership comes from diverse business districts across Portland. Learn More ››