Add growing Portland's economy to your list of holiday traditions! Support Portland's 50 unique neighborhood business districts - and the 19,200 businesses and 267,000 jobs they contain - with a gift to Venture Portland.

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Invest in Portland’s economy through gifts that keep on giving:

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Note: Contribution levels are examples only. Donations will be added to Venture Portland’s general operating budget and allocated as needed.

Catalytic Grant – $1,000

Helping business districts take advantage of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Street Fair – $750

Turning the street into a summertime celebration of food, retail, music and more.

Tasting Tour – $500

Highlighting a business district’s bars and restaurants with one-day-only specials.

District Map – $250

Guiding residents and visitors to all that a business district has to offer.

Holiday Tree Lighting – $100

Celebrating the spirit of the season.

Shopping Passport – $75

Offering chances to win prizes by supporting district businesses.

District Clean-up – $50

Reducing litter and graffiti to beautify our city.

Business District Spotlight – $25

Providing an in-depth review of a district and 50-100 of its businesses.

Venture Out Newsletter – $10

Promoting unique business district events, deals and discounts.