Add growing Portland's economy to your list of holiday traditions! Support Portland's 50 unique neighborhood business districts - and the 19,000 businesses and 250,000 jobs they contain - with a gift to Venture Portland.

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Invest in Portland’s economy through gifts that keep on giving:

Support Venture Portland

Business District Economic Development Grant – $6,000

Economic Development grants help business districts strengthen their economic competitiveness by creating and retaining business and jobs and growing neighborhood business revenue. Funded projects have already created 15 new business, 72 new jobs and raised more than $74,000 in additional business district investment.

Business District Legal/Regulatory Support – $3,500

For neighborhood businesses owners, meeting local, regional and international demand for goods and services, employing Portlanders, growing the local economy, and providing the distinct flavor that makes Portland Portland is more than a full time job. Venture Portland helps neighborhood businesses comply with legislative and regulatory requirements in the most efficient way possible, saving time and money.

Business District Benchmark Grant – $2,000

Benchmark Grants help business districts grow in one of eight strategic areas to build strong, vibrant and financially stable business districts that successfully contribute to a strong neighborhood economy. Funded projects include street fairs, holiday promotions, websites, banners, walking maps and more.

Capacity Building Training Mini-Series – $1,000

Venture Portland’s trainings, led by local and national experts, grow the skills of neighborhood business owners and business district leaders to achieve significant success. Mini-series address everything from defining a business district’s competitive edge, to maximizing sales at business district events to improving social media assets.

Business District Strategic Planning Facilitation – $500

Venture Portland staff provide no-cost facilitation for business districts around planning, branding and identity, board development, business revenue growth and recruitment strategies to help each unique district thrive equitably and economically.

Business District ‘Start-up Support’ Grant – $250

Venture Portland provides one-time Start-up Support to help emerging business districts incorporate. Seed funding possibilities include starting an official business district nonprofit association, building and cultivating a healthy board or group of volunteers, holding a first-time event, membership campaign and/or other activities to build district capacity and governance infrastructure.

Business District Mentoring and Networking Series – $100

Capitalizing on the wealth of expertise in Portland’s business districts, Venture Portland facilitates interest group meetings and a ‘mentoring connections’ program, linking business district leaders with their peers to discuss best practices around personnel, marketing, district identity, events, industrial issues, governance and association revitalization.

Personalized Technical Assistance for a Business District – $50

Each year Venture Portland provides approximately 1,500 hours of training and technical assistance to business district leaders. Technical assistance addresses all aspects of business district operations from insurance coverage to membership growth.  One-on-one technical assistance guides business district leaders through the process of applying newly acquired skills in a realistic setting.

90-Minute Training for Business District Leaders – $25

Working closely with our partners to align and coordinate resources, Venture Portland trainings build the capacity of business district leaders and address all aspects of business district operations.

‘Venture Out’ Newsletter and Website Calendar – $10

Distributed to more than 2,000 stakeholders and supporters, Venture Portland’s e-newsletter includes breaking news and the latest neighborhood business district hot topics. And, with a calendar of more than 200 public business district events it’s Portland’s guide for venturing out, seeking new experiences and finding the next big thing.