Venture Portland is the support organization for all of Portland’s neighborhood business districts, providing members funding, training and significant staff support. Since 1986 Venture Portland has helped business districts city-wide best meet the needs of their diverse communities. We invite you to discover the ways Venture Portland can support your business district by navigating this section and contacting us today.


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2024 Membership Benefits

Major Impact Grant Awards (up to $50,000!)

Thanks to funding from the American Rescue Plan Act, we are once again offering a summer grant cycle where member business district associations can apply for up to $50,000 for long-term staffing, large-scale district infrastructure, and other projects!

Biannual Capacity Building Grants

In addition to the new Major Impact Grant Awards, your district can also boost its bottom line and apply for p to $12,000 during our regular Spring and Fall grant cycles. Apply for Marketing and Membership Grants, District Enhancement Grants, and Contractor/Consulting Grants to grow your association’s capacity.


Our free, monthly webinars are open to our member districts and their member businesses. They are a
great opportunity to network with business district colleagues, address challenges, strengthen your
programs, and get the knowledge to achieve success in your district.

Monthly Member Meetups

Join us for monthly networking opportunities in different districts and enjoy fun events, local businesses, and great conversation with other business district leaders.

Marketing and Promotion

Stretch your reach and your marketing dollars with Venture Portland’s e-blasts, social media, and website.

  • Weekly Press Release – sent to our media list and our list of 2,500+ subscribers, highlights district events, promotions, and businesses
  • Friday Email – a weekly letter from Venture Portland’s Events and Marketing Manager with updates about Venture Portland activities and business district-related news
  • – NEW WEBSITE COMING IN 2024! Continually updated with district-related information including district profiles, resources, training videos, news, and more.
  • Social Media – business district-related posts to 5,400+ followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Small Business Portland Podcast – features interviews with business district leaders and industry-specific developments
  • Sponsorship Opportunities – get your business or district featured on our e-blasts, website, and webinars

Technical Assistance

Venture Portland staff can assist with questions in all areas of business association operations, including marketing, governance, membership, revenue generation, and personnel.

  • Samples, Tools, & Resources – an expansive collection of templates for all things BDA related
  • Fee-for-Service Consulting – expanded menu provides design, membership, staffing, and strategic governance options with deeply discounted member prices
  • Mentoring Connections – link business district leaders to discuss shared issues and best practices

City Hall Support

Venture Portland has strong relationships with elected officials, bureau staff, opinion leaders, and community stakeholders.

  • City Council Liaison – Commissioner Rubio’s office provides direct support to neighborhood businesses and business districts

Representation on Venture Portland’s Board of Directors

As a current member of Venture Portland, your business district association (BDA) may choose to nominate one of your current board members to be on the Venture Portland Board of Directors. As a member of Venture Portland, your BDA is NOT required to have (or to nominate) one of your own board members to serve on the Venture Portland Board of Directors.

Criteria for Nominations:

We highly encourage you to nominate a person who:

  • Currently works at a business within your district
  • Is a current member of your board
  • Demonstrates a high level of confidentiality, loyalty, and active volunteerism
  • Has time to dedicate up to ten hours per month to the Venture Portland Board of Directors
  • Understands that they represent your BDA rather than representing their own goals and/or agenda
  • Will act as the liaison between your board and Venture Portland’s Board of Directors
  • Brings new ideas, has a positive “working” attitude, and who represents your district and your board

This position is ideal for your new board members who may have limited experience on a Board. Serving as a Venture Portland Board member will give them insights into governance, advocacy, and trainings that they can then share with your own board.

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