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2024 Membership Levels

Sustaining – $1,650

  • Business district is thriving and a model for other districts in the city.
Business District:
Board Delegate** (optional)

Large and/or Established – $1,400

  • Large – Business district has consistent membership/support and stable funding. Total annual business district revenue is $25,000* or more.
  • Established – Business district is in 6th year or longer of operations and/or has established a long track record of successful services and events.
Business District:
Board Delegate** (optional)

Medium and/or Growing – $950

  • Medium – Business district is experiencing significant membership/support growth. Total annual business district revenue is $5,000 to $24,999*.
  • Growing – Business district is in 3rd to 5th year of operations and is still investing in new programs, services and benefits.
Business District:
Board Delegate** (optional)

Small and/or Year 2+ – $450

  • Small – Business district is just beginning to build membership/support. Total annual business district revenue is less than $5,000*.
  • Year 2+ – Business district is in the second full year of operations following incorporation and/or is just beginning to provide services.
Business District:
Board Delegate** (optional)

While Venture Portland hopes business associations increase their membership level as the district evolves, we understand changes to association status and district development may affect level choice.

*Total business district revenue should reflect all sources of funding, including, but not limited to: grants, membership dues, sponsors, vendors, events and in-kind contributions.

**Board Delegate Info:

We sent in our membership dues, now what? As a current member of Venture Portland, your business district association (BDA) may choose to nominate one of your current board members to be on the Venture Portland Board of Directors. As a member of Venture Portland, your BDA is NOT required to have (or to nominate) one of your own board members to serve on the Venture Portland Board of Directors.Criteria for Nominations:

We highly encourage you to nominate a person who:

  • Currently works at a business within your district
  • Is a current member of your board
  • Demonstrates a high level of confidentiality, loyalty, and active volunteerism
  • Has time to dedicate up to ten hours per month to the Venture Portland Board of Directors
  • Understands that they represent your BDA rather than representing their own goals and/or agenda
  • Will act as the liaison between your board and Venture Portland’s Board of Directors
  • Brings new ideas, has a positive “working” attitude, and who represents your district and your board

This position is ideal for your new board members who may have limited experience on a Board. Serving as a Venture Portland Board member will give them insights into governance, advocacy, and trainings that they can then share with your own board.

The nominating process: Once your pay your BDA’s Venture Portland membership dues and write in the name of your nominee, that information will be compiled and sent to the Venture Portland Board in March 2024. Venture Portland will hold its Annual Meeting in April 2024. Your Board President must attend along with your board member whom your BDA has nominated. Your Board President will have two minutes to share how your nominee fits the above criteria. Your board nominee will be voted on by the full Venture Portland Board of Directors at that time.