Who We Are

From manufacturers to microbrewers, creative services to coffee carts and bike shops to bookstores, neighborhood business districts serve the diverse residents that call Portland home. Stretching from Rosewood to Sellwood, St. Johns to Multnomah Village and Columbia Corridor to Central Eastside Industrial, these critical commercial corridors employ Portlanders, grow the economy and meet regional, national and international demand for goods and services.

Neighborhood Leaders

Portland’s neighborhood business districts, like Venture Portland, are managed by a passionate group of volunteers working hard to make their businesses and communities succeed.  Leaders from diverse business districts make up the Venture Portland board of directors and contribute more than 1,000 volunteer hours annually in addition to the hours spent running their business districts and own businesses.

Venture Portland is a key partner in the city’s economic development efforts to create new jobs and stimulate neighborhood business vitality.  Venture Portland also supports the Portland Plan’s goal of ensuring access for all Portlanders to a healthy, connected neighborhood.

Board & Staff

Venture Portland is comprised of an all-volunteer board of directors and professional staff. The board is made up of delegates from member business districts that simultaneously serve on Venture Portland’s board and contribute to their business district while also working at their own businesses. Per the organization’s bylaws, directors are elected each April by Venture Portland’s membership. Venture Portland’s staff has significant business district and non-profit management experience.

Executive Committee

Michelle Wood, President
Kenton Business Association
Business Manager, Integrate Architecture

Matthew Micetic, Vice President
Foster Area Business Association
Owner, Red Castle Games

Brian Griffis, Treasurer
Lloyd District Community Association
Vice President of Finance and Administration, Point West Credit Union

Kat Schon, Secretary
Central Eastside Industrial Council
Owner, Portland Store Fixtures

Nidal Kahl, At Large, Marketing
Gateway Area Business Association
Owner, Furniture Plus and Celebrity Tan

Alison Stoll, At Large, Grants
Parkrose Business Association
Executive Director, Central Northeast Neighbors

Brian Alfano, Past President
Vice President of Member Service, Unitus Community Credit Union



Mary Ann Aschenbrenner
St. Johns Boosters
President, Waterlink Web
Murray Koodish
NE Broadway Business Association
Manager, Great Wine Buys

Randy Bonella
Multnomah Village Business Association
Executive Director, Multnomah Village Bloc’s Initiative

Mingus Mapps
Historic Parkrose
District Manager, Historic Parkrose
Ann Ereline
Midway Business Association
Owner,  ErelineA Wordswork
Katie Meyer
Beaumont Business Association
Owner, Block Party Barricades and Community Events and Rentals

Jerry Harper
NW Industrial Neighborhood Association
Owner, Subway and Convenience Stores (two locations)

Adelé Nofield
Pearl District Business Association
General Manager, Wilfs Restaurant & Bar

Frank Harris
82nd Avenue of Roses Business Association
Manager, PCC Campus Facilities
Dustin Slack
Belmont Area Business Association
Owner, Summa Real Estate Associates

Roger Jones
Hawthorne Blvd. Business Association
President, Aetna Brokerage, Inc.


Venture Portland Staff

Heather A. Hoell
Executive Director
Peggy Anderson
Business District Organizer
Jacob Falkinburg
Grants and Communications Manager
Brad Forkner
Executive/Membership Assistant and Business District Organizer
Calvin Hoff
Business District Organizer
Marina Martinez
Business District Organizer & Marketing Coordinator
Ann Sanderson
Business District Manager
Neil Schulman
Training Manager