Business Districts

Our city starts here – at the intersection of business and neighborhood, where Portland becomes Portland.  Approximately 50 unique neighborhood business districts serve the diverse residents that call Portland home.  Stretching North to South and East to West, industrial hubs, urban enclaves and sprawling corridors make up Portland’s neighborhood business districts.  These critical corridors employ Portlanders, grow the economy and meet regional, national and international demand for goods and services.


Where Portland becomes Portland

Approximately 23,600 businesses make up Portland’s diverse neighborhood business districts.  Stretching across the city and representing every community from north to south and east to west, these businesses drive Portland’s economy, create half of the city’s jobs and contribute to Portland’s unique quality of life.
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  • Portlanders work in neighborhood business districts – 308,000 or half of the city’s jobs are neighborhood-based.
  • Neighborhood business districts host more than 200 public events each year including street fairs, holiday festivities and shopping local campaigns.
  • Healthy neighborhood business districts create a healthy economy and keep Portlanders connected.

Visit our interactive map and enter your address to find the business district that represents your business or contact Venture Portland to start a business district in your neighborhood.