East Burnside Street's Kerns Business District is home to a thriving restaurant scene including Tabla (200 NE 28th Ave), Pambiche (2811 NE Glisan St) and Navarre (10 NE 28th Ave). The Laurelhurst Theater (2735 E Burnside St) first opened with one screen in 1923 and was one of the first art deco theaters of the period. The theater is still thriving with four screens and a pub.
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Did You Know?

    • Pix Patisserie (2225 E Burnside St) offers both innovative and traditional French deserts and beverages and was named 'World's Best Champagne and Sparkling Wine List' in 2014 and 2015 by The World of Fine Wine.
    • Founded in 1969, Music Millennium (3158 E Burnside St) is the oldest continually-existing record store in the Pacific Northwest.
    • Still in its original location, Pet Samaritan Clinic (2519 E Burnside St) opened in the 1900s to care for horses that pulled trolleys from the Willamette River.
    • Kuhnhausens Furniture Showcase (2640 E Burnside St) has been selling locally made furniture since 1919.

Signature Annual Events

    • Holiday Lighting Celebration (December)