Self-sustaining Signature Event

Each business district puts on one signature annual event to showcase the best of the district to members, customers, residents and visitors. Signature annual events are typically a district’s best, biggest and most-recognized activity during the year. While districts may host multiple events during the year, only one is ‘signature’ and is eligible to receive benchmark funding in this category*.

Event success may be measured in revenue, attendance, media coverage, business /vendor participation, sales in the district during the event, etc. Events reach self-sustaining status when they produce enough revenue to cover all of the event’s expenses and generate a profit for the district. Signature events may contribute to the district’s unique brand, benefit members with increased traffic and revenue, market the district, incentivize customers to remain in the district and return throughout the year, and generate continued investment through members, vendors, sponsors and partners. Signature Annual Event examples include annual meetings, street fairs, sidewalk sales, cruise-ins, holiday festivities, parades, pub crawls, etc. *See District Identity description for information about funding opportunities for other events.

With a Venture Portland Self-sustaining Signature Event Benchmark grant, Division Midway Alliance launched an annual event that celebrates the diverse food and business offerings that make their district unique.